Control Manufacturing Process From Your Laptop & Smarthpone

CatchSmart Quality Control tracks all production processes to identify bottlenecks, grow your business and customer trust.


Receive precise data of all production stages

The system follows every step of the production flow, starting from the moment you receive raw materials to the moment your client receives the end product.

All data is shown in CatchSmart Quality Control platform, which you can access at any time. To make it more convenient, you can set up regular reports and automated notifications of failures.


Discover potential improvements easily

With all the gathered data, you will see what and in which production stage could be optimized, fixed or changed to improve the overall product quality.

Best of all, the system has a built-in machine learning. It will learn, for example, how long does engine parts last and when to change them to prevent a failure that affects the quantity produced.


Achieve a high package acceptance level

If the recipient discards some or all of the products, usually you would be left wondering what happened with no other option than accepting the losses.

However, with CatchSmart custom reports, you will easily trace back the root issue that leads to a failure. It has proven itself to prevent such causes, that helps producers achieve high package acceptance levels.

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Produce more thanks to CatchSmart Quality Control

  • Speeds up the daily tasks up to 5 times
  • Reduces paperwork to a bare minimum
  • Tracks the production chain from A to Z
  • Follows package quality until it's delivered
  • Sends instant reports upon your request